Mistress: This category features videos of powerful women dominating and controlling their male or female partners through bondage, humiliation, and other BDSM activities. From hard-core domination scenes to femdom role plays, these videos are sure to please fans of BDSM.

Goddess Randi Orders You to Eat Your Cum

Goddess Randi Orders You to Eat Your Cum
Goddess Randi has found herself a new boy toy as well as a new toy to use on his erection. It's pretty easy for her to get the guy rock hard, he always pops massive wood when she teases him with her naughty feet, but this time the sexual relief gets denied to the poor guy. The reason is simple, his mistress has a new toy she's itching to try out, a plastic cock cover with chain that lets him have his erection, even lets him deliver his load, but it's role is to collect the whole load in a special cap. The goal for this domina is to teach the guy just why do most girls refuse to swallow a cum load, it doesn't taste very well, and her willing slave is about to learn about the taste, she pours his saved up sperm all over her feet and obligates him to lick it all up. Series of high definition photos and videos of the whole ordeal are there to make sure the guy stays docile and obedient as she thinks of new ways to humiliate and tease him.
21 + 21 -

Katty's Love for Spanking

Katty's Love for Spanking
We love inviting Katty for a spanking session. She loves being tied and is always prepared to take whatever our Mistress has in store. What really gets Katty hollering is a hard whipping. The thinner, the better. You know our Mistress has a few options to choose from. She strikes the whip hard across Katty's back. We love the smile she gives when the burn sets in.
21.5 + 21.5 -
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