Fetish is a category of porn that explores and celebrates the fascinating range of human sexuality, from the mainstream to the extremes. It can include kinks, fantasies, and BDSM activities that focus on sexual gratification through unconventional means. Whether you’re into latex, leather, lingerie, roleplay or humiliation – this category will bring your wildest dreams to life!

Goddess No Loves Making Guys Squeel

Goddess No Loves Making Guys Squeel
This American-born latino guy takes a trip back to homeland from time to time to visit his extended relatives as well as to get an outlet for his fetish. He doesn't dare show off back in the states out of fear. He fears his friends will notice he's an all out submissive BDSM boy toy that loves being humiliated and who finds mix of pain and pleasure the best mix you can imagine. Goddess No, a spicy hot tanned latina with blond hair and long legs, loves making men squeal. As soon as they're in the hotel room she whips out a camera and takes compromising photos of her willing slave down on the floor, kissing her shoes and licking her feet as he strives to get her in the mood to show more of her skin. Not this time, there's no seductive teasing strip show for him, only pain as she steps on his face and walks all over his erection, getting him too excited to take it for too long, in no time he's ready to blow his load, but orgasm denial expert steps on his balls and pushes it back until she's happy with the sounds of agony coming from his throat, only then will she let him cum.
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Nora Skyy's Trip to the Toy Store

Nora Skyy's Trip to the Toy Store
What is it about an ugly small penis that makes a girl want to torment it? Well, if you're gonna hassle her with it, what else is she going to do? Just ask Nora Skyy. She was trying to find the perfect dildo at the local toy store. The store owner shows her a few, but suggests the one in his pants. Nora Skyy ridicules him the second she sees it. How dare he think that would ever please her. Yet, she does find use for his little guy. It's the perfect piece of junk for a vicious cock and ball torment session. She kicks him a few times, hard enough to make him gasp for air. She loves the feel of balls slammed against her knee, punching his balls every chance she gets. This ball busting femdom orders her sub boy on his back, which is the perfect position to stomp on his dick and balls. She then wraps her teeth around his dick, biting down hard. She loves to stretch a set of balls with a hard bite, making her sub boy scream in pain.
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