Ballbusting is a type of BDSM activity that involves the genitals being kicked, punched, slapped, squeezed, or otherwise physically abused in a sexually stimulating way. This type of play often includes verbal humiliation and physical domination. It is considered a safe and consensual form of BDSM play among those familiar with it. Ballbusting can be both pleasurable and painful depending on the level of intensity desired.

Ball Busting Ballerina

Ball Busting Ballerina
Natasha Vega is the sexiest ballerina in town. Watching her perform is quite an experience. Ballerina's need help stretching and practicing their leg lifts. She found a new practice partner, a loser who's been after her awhile now. He's in for quite a surprise. She shows him a leg lift, which lands hard between his legs. If you want to help her practice, you have to endure a extreme ballerina cock and balls torment. She does a few more lifts, kicking him in the balls, bringing him down to his knees. The best practice partners help naked. That's where the real fun begins. Ballerinas need to watch their weight. Biting down on hard dick helps control their appetite. You have to watch how hungry this hot ballerina is.
15.5 + 15.5 -
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